Why OSB?

Durable, cost efficient, safe and highly resistant to fire, humidity and fungi – there’s no shortage of reasons to choose OSB in load bearing applications for the vast majority of construction projects. Our OSB 3 & 4 panels made from sustainably sourced aspen, pine and spruce are of the highest quality and certified according to European and International quality standards, fit for use in humid conditions. Our OSB 3 boards are so called T&G-boards where the tongue of the panel easily can be fitted into the grove of the adjacent panel, facilitating assembly and substantially reducing installation costs.

OSB types


For structural boards in humid conditions


For high strength structural boards in humid conditions

Edge options

We offer T&G as well as square edge panels

The benefits

High strength

High moisture & rot resistance

High fastener removal resistance

Used in

While T&G panels are mainly used for flooring, square edge OSB panels are suitable for sheathing of walls and roof structures, SIP-panel manufacturing, I-joists, thermal panels, re-usable concrete formwork, subflooring and floor repair, furniture and commercial interior details

Sustainably made in

Our OSB panels are manufactured at the world's youngest OSB plant with an annual production capacity of 500 000 m3. The plant operates on a 100 % self sufficiency, no waste principle, powered by fuel pellets made from the leftovers from LVL and OSB production.