Custom solutions

Our lvl is virtually limitless as it can be cut to any length. Ultralam™ is highly resistant to fire, moisture and other environmental factors which makes it suitable for most construction projects. The only thing to restrict your imagination is shipping – but if a vehicle can transport it, we can deliver it. We are affiliated with Russian market leaders in logistics between Europe and Russia and the former CIS-territories, specialized in forwarding heavy and/or oversized cargo, thus always ready to provide a solution tailored to your needs.

Ultralam™ projects

Due to its versatility, Ultralam™ has been successfully used in:

  • Bearing constructions of large span buildings such as sports facilities, exhibition halls, theatres, agricultural facilities (all types of farms), manufacturing facilities
  • Transport infrastructure – bridges, berths, pontoons
  • Prefabricated houses
  • Building elements ranging from domes to flat skylights
  • Concrete forms
  • I-joists
  • Doors and windows
  • Decorative elements
  • Furniture
  • Sports equipment (baseball bats, golf clubs) 

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