What is LVL?

Laminated veneer lumber is a structural material used in multiple construction types with product qualities exceeding the performance of solid timber, plywood, steel and concrete.

Consisting of thin parallel layers of wood and adhesive, pressed to desired dimension and durability requirements – lvl has earned its reputation as reliable and widely used component since its introduction on the US construction material market in the 1970’s .

Our Ultralam™ is the most recent, improved edition of lvl with superior strength, stability and corrosion resistance. It is lighter and therefore easier to install and has no length limitations which makes it versatile and ideal for all construction types.


Very high strength

During the unique production process of Ultralam™, the strongest layers of veneer with the highest quality are put into the face layers while the layers with less strength are positioned at the core, this increases the strength of the beam.

Guaranteed dimensional stability

Ultralam™ has a near zero absorption and is therefore unaffected by humidity, guaranteeing the dead load of the beam to remain unchanged.

High fire and corrosion resistance

Tests have shown that Ultralam™ can maintain its properties for 30-60 minutes at 300 C

Light weight, low volume

Save up to 45 kg in weight savings/length meter and 60 % less volume, thus reducing delivery costs and facilitating installation

Internationally Certified

Ultralam is a global market leading product, thoroughly tested, documented and certified both in terms of technical data and sustainability. Take a look at some of the European certificates on our dedicated certificates page!

Used in

Roof structures


Concrete forms

Wall and floor frames

Lintels for doors and windows


Scaffold planks

The plant

At the world's largest wood products plant in Torzhok, Russia, boasting an annual production capacity of 150 000 cubic metres of LVL and 60 000 tons of fuel pellets, a combination of international excellence comprises the manufacturing line of the world's leading structural material - Ultralam™. Top of the line equipment from Estonian Hekotek, Canadian Vitech Engineering, US COE Manufacturing Company and Corvallis Tool Company, Japanese Hashimoto Denki Co as well as German Grezenbach and Dieffenbacher is used to process premium Russian pine and spruce. The factory is the youngest of its kind, utilizing the newest techniques for production and quality control.

The process

The raw materials are sorted, quality controlled, then debarked, conditioned and sawed before they are peeled into 3,2 mm sheets of veneer. At every stage, defect materials are diverted from the line and sent to pellet production. Quality control is performed in every step of the process, using the latest laser and video scanning techniques which communicate the screening results to the processing equipment in order to assure optimum block position for maximum veneer recovery and minimum waste. Once peeled, the veneer is dried, glued, quality controlled and pressed. Only grade A veneers with the highest density are used for Ultralam™ production.